Data Coordinating Center

Westat serves as the Data Coordinating Center (DCC) For REDS-IV-P.

The DCC supports the activities of the domestic sites and Brazil program by providing:

  • Assistance in design, approval, and implementation of REDS-IV-P study protocols; development of Manuals of Operations and data collection methodologies.
  • Development of a moderate security level data warehouse for the compilation and management of cumulative centralized linkable databases representing donors, donations, blood components, transfusion recipients, and non-recipient patients and study-specific data for statistical analyses.
  • Analytical and biostatistical expertise for conducting a portfolio of epidemiological, laboratory, and omics research projects conducted under REDS-IV-P.
  • Logistical support and coordination of various committees and working groups; organization of Steering Committee meetings and conference calls; and maintenance of the REDS-IV-P website.
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Kathy Chapman, MT
Project Director, Westat


Children’s National Medical Center
Naomi Luban, MD

DARTNet Institute Informing Practice Improving Care

DARTNet Institute
Wilson Pace, MD
EHR Data Expert