Center for Transfusion Laboratory Studies

Vitalant Research Institute serves as the Center for Transfusion Laboratory Studies. The Center for Transfusion Laboratory Studies supports the domestic hubs and Brazil program. In particular, the Center for Transfusion Laboratory Studies is responsible for the necessary infectious disease, molecular, genetic, immunological, hematological, and other testing conducted as part of the REDS-IV-P research program in the United States and for serving as repository for biospecimens collected in the REDS-IV-P clinical studies.

  • Creation of biospecimen collections that include samples from blood donors and/or transfusion recipients.
  • Coordination with clinical sites for specimen shipping and receipt
  • Testing of specialized samples with high throughput and/or specialized assays such as:
    • Custom designed PCR assays
    • Multi-analyte testing (cytokines, HLA antibodies)
    • Flow cytometry immunology testing
    • Pathogen detection (antibody, nucleic acid testing)
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Philip Norris, MD
Principal Investigator, Vitalant Research Institute

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Co-Principal Investigator, Vitalant Research Institute